Saturday, 19 December 2015

Vaastu Tips for your Home

According to Indian Vaastu, each house has its own energy type. When you move into a house, the energy field of that house starts affecting your life. It is therefore important to make sure that your house resonates with positive energy. There are several ways to ensure that this happens.

1.     Make sure you have a nameplate outside your door. It is said to make opportunities come your way, with ease.

2.     It is important to keep incense sticks or lamps burning as fire is known as a cleanser of negative energy.

3.     Keep a lemon in a glass of water and change it every sixth day of the week as another way of removing negative energy.

4.     Avoid keeping medicine boxes in the kitchen. It attracts negative energy.

5.     Be sure to regularly meditate and chant to fill the environment of your house with positive energy.

6.     Place ‘Om’ or “Swastik’ symbols at the door of your house.

7.     The ringing of bells is said to invite positive energy, so hang bells or wind chimes outside your house or near the gate.

8.     Ensure that the paintings in your house are of positive ideas and elements. Avoid paintings of negative ideas like war or sorrow.

9.     Place bowls of salt in the corners of rooms to dispel negative energy.

1. Perform pujas regularly to ensure the infusion of positive energy in your home.

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