Friday, 25 December 2015

Feng Shui Colours – The How and Why

Colour is considered one of the easiest ways to shift energy in a home or office. According to Feng Shui, each colour is a representative of the elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood. These elements are prominent in specific areas of the house and the shades of colours in these areas should promote the correct elements to bring good energy.

1.     Fire – The colours red, orange, yellow, purple and pink are shades of the fire element.
Red is indicative of passion, romance and warmth. It is best used in the bedroom or in main office spaces.
Orange brings brightness and fun into a space. It should be avoided in areas of peace and reflection.
Yellow is one of the more auspicious colours of Feng Shui. It represents warmth, cheerfulness and sunlight. It brings positive energy and should be used in the kitchen.
Purple is connected to spiritual awareness, mental and physical healing, royalty, luxury and more. It is considered a very strong colour, so it is a better idea to use it in home decor items like pillows and paintings.
Pink is the colour of love and is considered a soothing force. It can be used in a bedroom or a creative office space.

2.     Earth – Beige, taupe and sandy colours are shades of the earth element.
These colours bring stability, nourishment and strength to your home. They can be used in the bedrooms to bring positive energy.

3.     Metal – The colours white and grey are considered metal colours of Feng Shui.

White brings purity, confidence and poise. It is said to usher in new beginnings and opportunities. It should be used in the living room and meditation room.
Grey is said to bring sharpness into a space and clear up negative energy. It can be used in living rooms and the main entrance areas of offices. Avoid using it in bedrooms.

4.     Water – Blue and Black are the colours of the water Feng Shui element.

Blue is a colour of positivity, energy and peace. It brings calmness and healing. It can be used in home decor and in the North, East and South-East side of the home. It can be used in bedrooms and living rooms.

Black is said to represent income and money. Though most people consider black a negative colour, according to Feng Shui it brings power and stability. Avoid using it too much in bedrooms and kitchens. It can be used in home decor and the entry area.

5.     Wood – Brown and Green are the colours of the wood element.

Brown is considered to bring health, unity, wealth and abundance into your home. It can be used in the entry and the kitchen. It can be used in a limited manner in the living room and bedrooms.

Green signifies growth, nature and balance. Bring the force of nature into your home and your lives by using green in your living rooms and bedrooms. It can also be brought in by putting potted plants in your home.

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