Monday, 30 March 2015

While buying a new house..........

When it comes to buying a new house, it’s obvious that your head will be abuzz with many questions! We bring to you a checklist of some of the important factors that you must consider while buying a home.

1.      Location: The first thing that most people focus on is the location. Once you get the desired location, half the battle is won. This may depend on factors like proximity of your workplace, school, etc. Furthermore, you should also see if you have all your basic shops nearby. Getting a location satisfying all these factors is certainly hard, so for that you need to analyse your priorities a bit.

2.     Insides: By this, we include all the factors like; does it have enough floor space? Does it have enough ventilation? An airy and spacious home is the desirable kind. Some people are also very particular about how much sunlight comes inside.

3.     Vaastu: Another very common factor which greatly influences any decision to be taken. It includes the direction of the kitchen top, position of the front door and similar things.

4.     Maintenance: It not only includes the additional maintenance charges, but also the quality of maintenance that is provided by the neighbourhood.

5.      Security: The kind of security provided to the neighbourhood is one more crucial aspect. Nowadays, we have advanced technological devices which provide better security. An overall check of the security provided is necessary.

6.     Future needs: You need to consider the size of your home for this. If your family is going to increase? Do you plan to set up an office here itself? Do you plan to sell the property in a few years? Will it garner profits in the future? You need to have a clear idea of all these points.

Once you’ve checked these off, sit back and decorate your home! J

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