Wednesday, 18 March 2015

What's your idea of home decor?

We all have a special connection with our homes! Don’t we? Don’t you like to decorate your home with things that are close to your heart? Of course, we all do. We talked to a few professionals and asked them to pin point those special elements of their homes which make their homes lovelier. People visiting their homes do return with a lingering memory of these special features! Read ahead and see if you get ideas for your home!

Talking about her home décor, Anuradha says that she has a horse-shoe which hangs on her front door! Yes, an actual horse-shoe! She believes that it gives out positive vibes and brings good luck to the family. It also serves as a very unique decorative piece and enhances the look of her plain boring wooden door! Satyakii has a different idea of home décor, he believes in the power of natural beauty. He says that he has numerous flower pots and vases all over his house that get filled with fresh flowers every day. How many ways can you list down that helps you bond?  Shubhi has found out a very fun and playful way in the form of a small swing that hangs in her living room. She mentions that not only her family but also people who visit her home just cannot control the urge to sit on it! It undoubtedly brings liveliness to her living room! For people who love hard core decoration, your ideas of home décor would resonate with the ideas that Shilpa and Amruta have! Shilpa explains how she has kept small earthen pots on display in her kitchen. She has selectively kept pots of different shapes and colours and goes on to proudly mention that they never go unnoticed! Amruta, on the other hand, boasts of her marble lamp that she got from Agra. She keeps it on display in her living room and confesses that she is indeed very proud of her special showpiece and gladly accepts all the compliments it gets! Dhananjay feels there’s nothing more serene than keeping a Tulsi plant in your home. It gives a pleasant look to your porch! Sourabh likes giving a sporty look to his bedroom by keeping a small replica of the Fifa trophy! He also has an impressive collection of coins on display! Have you ever thought of covering an entire wall with photographs? Vaishali has brought this idea to life. She has an entire wall dedicated to pictures of her family members belonging to the past four generations! Sound bizarre right? What a lovely sight it must be? She nods in agreement and says that anyone who visits is equally amused! 

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