Wednesday, 1 April 2015

4 reasons why you desperately need a small area reserved for gardens!

Children playing on a playground in a society. Grandparents relaxing on a bench in a small garden. Such images are diminishing these days. But why? Why is that almost 3 out of 5 people say that they do not have enough space in their neighbourhood to have a nice morning walk, or a small garden where they can sit and inhale some fresh air? This highlights the importance of having a small play area or garden where the residents can resort to some outdoor activities. We have come up with 4 reasons why you desperately need a small area reserved for gardens!

1.       Safeguards ecosystem: Firstly and most importantly, it helps in keeping the ecosystem intact or so to say, more balanced. We all know that trees help in keeping the oxygen cycle healthy. We do need some greenery in our cement jungles.

2.       Encourage outdoor activities for kids: Kids of today’s generation are seen to be inclined towards gadgets and other technological developments. They need to go out and play outdoor sports! It’s not only one of the best ways to utilise time, but also serves to be a health booster.

3.       Recreational for senior citizens: It’s said that old age is your second childhood! They need a space of their own where they can sit and relax. Also, yoga classes and ‘Hasya Club’ are two activities that senior citizens enjoy.

4.       Fitness solution: A 30 minute walk everyday can do wonders for your overall fitness. It would certainly be nice if we get a small area right in the neighbourhood to take these small walks. Cycling is also a good option.

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