Saturday, 9 January 2016

Make your walls come alive!

The walls of your home are canvases for your imagination. Your creativity can give your home a unique look and improve your home décor. White washing, cleaning and painting are the obvious choices to perfect your walls. Other than this, there are various simple tools and tricks that can be used to transform your home. Redecorating your walls need not be a huge affair. It can be easily done with careful planning and ideation. Here are some tips:

1.     Wallpaper: If you don’t want to go through the hassle of re-painting walls, a good cover-up is wallpaper. They come in various styles and colours and can be easily put up. Decorative wallpaper is a cheap, convenient option to liven up your walls and your home.

2.     Wall Stickers and Decals: They can easily be added or removed from your wall setup. They add a special touch to your home that is unique and eye-catching.

3.     Mirrors: Carefully placed mirrors can make your living space bigger and improve the overall look and feel of your walls. There are many types of decorative mirrors in the market, today. Find mirrors of different shapes and sizes and transform your wall.

4.     Photo Frames: Create personalized masterpieces with your own photos and specially picked out frames. Photos of family, sceneries, wildlife and the like are perfect to make your walls look interesting. 

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