Saturday, 17 March 2018

How Gudi Padwa is Pure Delight!

Gudhi Padva is a spring-time festival that marks the traditional new year for Marathi Hindus. The arrival of a new year fills everyone with new hopes and dreams and so it is celebrated with a lot of joy and vigour all over Maharashtra.
People begin this auspicious day by waking up early, cleaning their homes and decorating the floor with colourful rangolis. The vibrant colours of rangoli are mainly associated with spring.  So is our homes, vibrant, colourful and full of life!

Gudi Padva signifies the arrival of spring and the reaping of rabi crops. The festival is linked to the mythical day on which Hindu god Brahma created time and universe. We offer homes that are a universe in itself! All amenities in one project!
Come, experience a completely new universe here at Ganga Legend!

India is a predominantly agrarian society where agriculture is the main occupation. Gudi Padwa is one of the most famous harvesting festivals of India that marks the end of one season and beginning of a new one. That is why we offer preschool for your little ones who are set to embark on their journey of a happy beginning!
GGIS Atha- the preschool brand of GG International School- the much rewarded school with over 10 years of educational excellence is now in Ganga Legend,  Bavdhan!

A notable sight during Gudi Padwa are the numerous Gudi arrangements at every household. It is a bright colorful silk scarf-like cloth tied at the top of a long bamboo. On top of it, one or more branches of neem leaves and mango leaves are attached along with a garland of flowers. This arrangement is capped with a kalash signifying victory.  We wish that each and every one of you stand victorious in all the battles of life!

The Gudi Padwa festival marks the new year and also celebrates victory of Maratha warriors. Maharashtra's Great Warrior, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, was the person who started the Gudi Padwa celebrations after his victory. The tradition of raising the Gudi was initiated by Shivaji and from then it  has been followed by every Marathi household to welcome the New Year.
The festive dishes of Gudi Padwa include Shrikhand and Puran Poli.
GGG wishes everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year. May this year be filled with reasons to celebrate!

Friday, 16 February 2018

An Enlightening Session with Swami Siddheshanandji!

We were delighted to host Pujya Swami Siddeshanandji from the Chinmaya Mission for an iParent session at our project, Ganga Legend!  

iParent sessions are an important initiative  undertaken by GGF's school, GGIS, where parents and speakers share a common platform and have an interactive session. This is a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative to help parents,teachers and students at large!

The session was organized at the new GGIS ATHA Bavdhan campus at Ganga Legend on the 3rd of February 2018.  

Swamiji teaches the Geeta, Upanishads & Sanskrit in a very powerful, yet simple manner. He believes that a strong mind alone can pursue a noble goal & reach it. 

The topic of this iParent session was 'Inculcating values from childhood' and 'The reasons behind our cultural beliefs & rituals'. Swamiji shed light on the importance of setting good examples for children. Children are extremely impressionable and observe their parents very closely, he says,  and thus it is important for us as parents to set good examples for them.

The session was made more special with the presence of students of GGIS Atha along with their parents residing at Ganga Legend in Bavdhan!

Swamiji emphasized the importance of spending time with children. He advised the parents to take time from their busy schedule and engage with their children on a daily basis. The importance of observing child's behaviour and teaching him to differentiate right from  wrong was another highlight of the evening.

Swamiji shared his profound knowledge on inculcating values in children from childhood and also the reason behind our cultural beliefs and rituals. He also shared the importance of having 'Saiyam' i.e. self-control in life. 

Parents checking out the book collection after the session

The session was an enlightening one for both parents and children as Swamiji laid special emphasis on the importance of values in life!

"Our values help us grow & develop in order to create a future we want to experience"

The evening was a great success, with all who attended the event appreciating this initiative and opportunity of interacting with Swamiji, Ganga Legend residents, parents, and the teachers and dignitaries from GGIS.
We look forward to more such events!

Friday, 26 January 2018


India has been through a myriad of struggles to reach its Republic status!

The journey of India from a mere dominion status to a sovereign republic country was not at all easy. The sacrifice of life by our freedom fighters and the intellectual wars of violence and non-violence have helped gain our country the sovereign status.
We are obliged to our great leaders of the past and are expected to serve the nation in every way possible. The auspicious date 26th January was chosen to commemorate Purna Swaraj Day, the first fight for complete independence!

As an appreciation to our great leaders in building a Republic India, we firmly stand on our principles and beliefs enriching India abiding by our core values:

Honesty in every word, transparency in every transaction, commitment to every deadline, delivery on time and incorruptibility no matter what.

Energy in every action, vibrancy in every idea, undeterred zeal, dedication till the end, enthusiasm in the face of disappointment and delight in every victory.

Constant reinvention that includes keeping up with change, leading change, quick-fire creativity along with trend-setting behavior that is a pre-requisite of a position of leadership.

Modesty that brings about uniqueness in every touch, realness in every step, service from the heart, a strong connection with roots, organic growth and a feeling of purity.
We the citizens of our great India are endowed with fundamental rights and in return are obliged to perform our fundamental duties. With this spirit of nationalism, Goel Ganga Group has established the Goel Ganga Foundation (GGF), a not-for-profit body that is committed to building India by:
  • Providing high quality education to all strata of society;
  • Setting up and running spiritual centres;
  • Empowering cultural growth and conservation;
  • Working for the preservation of the environment;
  • Creating beauty, harmony and peace in the world.
We have been proudly performing our fundamental duties since 35 years!
On this 69th Republic Day, let’s come together and pledge to perform our fundamental duties in order to commemorate the first fight for complete independence and the sacrifice of our great freedom fighters. Let us work towards building our Idea of India!

                                                                JAI HIND!

Monday, 22 January 2018

Happy Skies - The Annual Kite Festival at our project Ganga Legend Bavdhan!

Makar Sankranti is an important pan-Indian solar festival, known by different names marks the beginning of warmer and longer days. It is the day when the sun heads northwards towards the Tropic of Cancer and on the day of the festival, the night and day time become equal. It is an auspicious festival which is celebrated by exchanging til-gul with our friends and family, feasting together and flying vibrant kites!

The excitement soared among the tiny tots of GGIS Atha - The preschool brand of our school GG International School as they had lots of fun making kites and decorating them.

Knowing the great significance of this colourful festival, we at Goel Ganga Group, organised Happy Skies - The Annual Kite Festival at our project Ganga Legend, Bavdhan!
Colorful kites, bright smiles, and the spirit of togetherness. Happy Skies was a day full of celebrations!

It started off with the children of GG International School joining us at Ganga Legend.
They wrote inspirational quotes and messages on the kites and put them up on the walls. It was a spectacular experience to see those brilliantly designed kites adorning the place! 

The students were wonderfully engrossed in tying manjha to the kites and were super excited to fly kites with their friends. There was also a kite decorating workshop held later on.

People across the city joined us in celebrating this festival. We were delighted to see the enthusiasm in everyone who joined us in the celebrations.


We believe that togetherness is the key to happiness and we strive to make every festival a memorable one by celebrating it with people.

We are glad that Makar Sankranti was celebrated in its spirit of enlightenment, peace and prosperity.
'Happy Skies' made people come together, it strengthened bonds, it brought smiles on everyone's faces. And seeing the cheer all around was Pure Delight for us all!

Friday, 29 December 2017

7 resolutions to make your 2018 Pure Delight

New Year 2018 is here and we have already started planning to make the best of it. Right from scheduling our fitness regime to planning the finances, we are almost set to welcome a brand new year. As we get frenzied in the ‘New Year, New Me’ trend once again, we’d like to share some simple and more importantly attainable resolutions that will make your 2018 a year that counts.

Stay focused towards your health

Health is usually the most ignored aspect of our lives. Most of us wait on Mondays that never come. Start with short walks every day; take the stairs instead of the lift, stretch while working on a computer or while watching television. This year, take that leap to a fitter you. Whether it’s taking up a gym membership or buying a yoga mat, just go for it.

Connect with nature

Nature has its special way of giving happiness. In today’s day and age, we are so occupied with our work that we forget to connect to our roots.  While your work is equally important, make sure you take some time off to engage in activities that provide tranquility to your soul. Once in a while, plant trees, go out for walks into the woods, and stop to admire the invigorating sunrises and peaceful sunsets.


With increasing amount of work comes increased stress. While stress is inevitable, managing it is tremendously important. Detox yourself mentally and emotionally. Stay offline once a while and reconnect with your friends, family and yourself without your smart phone. Dedicating certain amount of time everyday towards healthy breathing practices and meditation surely helps in combating stress and makes you feel rejuvenated.
Plan a holiday
In order to live a healthier life, taking a break from your regular routine is extremely important. Taking up new adventures and experiencing new places play a vital role in the growth and betterment of our physical and mental health. Plan holidays, fun activities, and vacations that give your mind and body the relaxation they deserve.

Save Money
Saving money is one of the most crucial resolutions that need to be followed sternly. Set a savings goal for the year and keep saving a fixed amount every month to reach the goal. Make sure you stick to your rules by budgeting your months and watch your savings and investments grow. 
Take up a hobby
Hobbies can lower your stress levels, boost your brain power, improve your ability to focus. Therefore, in 2018, start a new hobby. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar or learn your favourite dance-form, take time off from your routine and work towards pursuing it.

Be eco-friendly
The earth is our only home and it is upon us to take the efforts to keep it clean, green and sustainable. Take small but impactful steps to save the planet.  When YOU start working towards your goal it will help in imbibing a sense of responsibility within the people around you and also the generations to come.

Come, together let’s make 2018 Pure Delight! Happy New Year!

Monday, 18 December 2017

The year 2017 in review!

Taking up new challenges and opportunities to create a better society is what we, at Goel Ganga Group strive to do!
This blog is a short insight into all our activities showing how we made this year Pure Delight!
Here's how we started the year 2017... 

Sports and fitness activities at GCube!

At the Goel Ganga Group, fitness comes first. With that in mind, we had organised a day of fun sports and activities for school children and their parents at GCube- our state-of-the-art family fitness centre at Ganga Glitz in Undri. The young children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and we were delighted to have them with us!

Stree AadharAs a part of its constant effort towards creating an empowered nation, Goel Ganga Foundation had initiated a campaign to help female labourers from all of our sites get their Aadhar Card on the occasion of Women's Day! It was great seeing all the members from the foundation participate enthusiastically for this cause and the contented smiles on their faces made it all the more better!

On March 29th,  Goel Ganga Foundation launched GGF4Her - A Portal for Women Empowerment. GGF4Her is the Foundation’s effort to empower, uplift and inspire women to occupy their rightful place in the world.We were honoured to have Ms. Mukta Tilak as our Guest Of Honour. Her impactful presence and empowering thoughts truly inspired all of us!

GGF 4 Water
On the 29th of April the Goel Ganga Foundation For Her had held and event "GGF 4 Water", where Mrs. Sharmila Oswal, a PMO awardee and renowned environmental activist was present as the Guest Of Honour. We discussed how each one of us can make a difference and help conserve these drops of life.

The Mango Story
On the 24th of May, Goel Ganga Foundation had organised The Mango Story at Chokhi Dhani in order to bring the joy of the mango season to underprivileged children and orphans. Under this initiative, GGF treated over 500 children from orphanages to a day full of mangoes and fun! Renowned social worker and 'The Mother of Orphans', Sindhutai Sapkal who was the Guest of Honour at the event also appreciated the Foundation’s efforts to give these children a unique experience. 

Green Pune Campaign 
 On 5th June, the occasion of World Environment Day, Goel Ganga Foundation had launched the Green Pune Campaign  - an effort to turn Pune into a green city! Under this initiative, GGF planted over 500 trees in and around Wanowrie. Tree guards were also donated to help the plants grow well. Also, at Goel Ganga Group sites, Tulsi plants were handed out to visitors. A rainwater harvesting plant and vermiculture pit were also installed at Ganga Satellite, while Undri’s first organic waste convertor was installed at Ganga Glitz!
Continuing the campaign, on the 15th of July, Goel Ganga Foundation donated 2500 plants to the Major Dhyanchand Kridaangan in Wanowrie!

Guruvarya Awards

On occasion of the 10th Foundation Day of GG International School, Goel Ganga Foundation announced the Guruvarya Awards - awards that would recognise and honour educators who went beyond conventional methods of teaching to devise innovation in education. With a jury of eminent personalities and Cabinet Minister, Govt of Maharashtra, Shri Girish Bapat as the Chief Guest, the event was a great success!

Sukhakarta 2017
Continuing Goel Ganga Foundation's tradition of delightful, eco-friendly Ganeshotsav celebrations, Sukhakarta 2017 held on the 3rd September, was a great evening with our guests of honour, Dr. Saleel Kulkarni and Aarya Ambekar!
The huge audience, and all members of the GGG Family had thoroughly enjoyed the show!

Navratri Celebrations
To make Navratri a time to remember, Goel Ganga Foundation organised Ras Dandiya - A glamorous Navratri celebration at Ganga Glitz and Glocal Dhoom Dandiya at our mega commercial project - Glocal Square in Nagpur.  The celebrations were full of festive colours, great dances, catchy music and Pure Delight memories!

 Nari Shakti Awards
It was a proud moment for us when Mrs. Geeta Goel, Director, GGF4Her and Member, GGF, was awarded the ‘Nari Shakti’ award at the hands of former President, Mrs. Pratibha Patil. Her efforts towards creating a clean and green society that is in touch with Indian traditions and values were highly appreciated at this memorable event.

Agrasen Sanman 
On the occassion of Agrasen Jayanti, Mr. Jaiprakashji Goel, Founder and Chairman, GGF, was awarded the Agrasen Sanman. He was also honoured for his dedication and tireless work towards creating a better society. He never seizes to inspire us all at the Goel Ganga Group!

Maharashtra School Merit Awards 2017-18Mrs. Sonu Gupta, Director, GGIS, and Member, GGF, received the award for the No. 1 Ranked School In Co-Curricular Activities at the Maharashtra School Merit Awards 2017-18. She was honoured and appreciated for all the great work she has done over the past few years!  

Meeting Guru Sri Sri Ravishankarji at Glocal Square, Nagpur
We were honoured to have Guru Sri Sri Ravishankarji at our mega commercial project Glocal Square in Sitabuldi, Nagpur on the 19th of NovemberHearing his views on GST and his vision for a better India was deeply inspiring!

We are looking forward to many such events and spreading happy smiles all around! Here's to another brand new year full of great events, activities and many more Pure Delight memories.