Saturday, 30 January 2016

How to decorate your Living Room

Your Living Room is the space for you and your family. Creating a comfortable space that is also fit for social visits and get-togethers is a task that can be easily accomplished. Your furniture, rugs, photo frames, posters, pieces of art and other items of home décor have to be perfectly put together in synchronization to create the perfect room. Here are some tips:

1.       If you have a rug or a carpet, either get a large one on which all your furniture in the seating area can be placed or a small one on which the table alone stands. Avoid in-betweens.

2.       Be careful as to what tones you use in your décor. If you use white or off-white, stick to a neutral palette with cream tones.

3.       Do not bring in too many patterns or too many colours. Limit yourself to two or three to prevent your room from looking overdone.

4.       Mix modern and traditional, formal and casual, neutral and bold to create the perfect mix

5.       Arrange paintings or pieces of art in a pattern on the wall to create an art wall effect!

6.       Put up photos on a single wall to create a special family wall.

7.       To keep every part of the room accessible, move the chairs and sofas away from the wall and towards the centre of the room.

8.       Putting too many collectibles and accessories on the mantelpiece or on tabletops creates a messy look. Arrange them carefully in an organized manner.

9.       If your living room is filled with neutral patterns and are looking to add a brightening touch, add a piece of bright coloured furniture.

10.  Be inspired by the patterns of your sofas. Use these colours to pull a room together.

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