Saturday, 16 January 2016

Home Décor Tips to transform your Interiors!

Transforming your home on a low budget can be undertaken by using a few clever tips and tricks. Your interiors define your home and your space. Making it the way you’ve always dreamed is possible. Here are some tips:

1.     Begin at the Beginning – Paint the door a bright colour, red if possible. It is warm and welcoming and is seen as a lucky colour in many cultures
2.     Do not mix too many patterns in your furniture and décor. It will make it too garish. Pick the right patterns and give your room, a classy look.

3.     Keep your walls low key with neutral tones and colours. White and off white will complement the brighter colours of your furniture.

4.     Arrange your sofas away from the walls and facing eachother in either U-shapes or H-shapes.

5.     Use cotton or linen curtains in light colours at places with a lot of sunshine.

6.     Mirrors can make rooms look bigger and more spacious. Keep at least one in every room.

7.     Put up photo frames and make a photo wall, instead of art on a wall in the living room.

8.     Either keep all your living room furniture on the carpet or all, off of it. Get a carpet based on the size of your living space.

9.     Find a space for everything so your rooms don’t look cluttered.

1.    Use potted plants all over your home to bring in a green, fresh feel. 

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