Saturday, 1 October 2016

Rains and the Real Estate Mood

It’s been a season of plentiful blessings. The IMD predicted an above normal monsoon and so far, the Rain Gods have smiled. After a parched last year and a less than normal year before that, this rainy season has brought cheer and hope and a sense of well-being. At the Goel Ganga Group we have a term for this kind of an emotion – we call it Pure Delight!

And what do the rains have to do with the Real Estate Mood? We can tell you, everything!

  1. Rains make the windows of your home look like dreams 


         2. Chai pakoda + family = love


         3. There’s nothing like watching your kids jump in puddles

            4.  ...or make paper boats and sail them
     5. That moment when you and the wifey walk under one umbrella
      6. When stepping outside is not an option, staying in should be beautiful!
            7. Raindrops on roses, in your balcony, or terrace

       8. People smile a lot more

     9. Rains make Green. And Green is Gorgeous.
     10. There’s nothing like reading in the papers that even Ujani dam is 100% full!

Enjoy the season, people. From the comfort of your Pure Delight home. And if you are planning to buy your Pure Delight home, buy now. It’s the happy season!

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  1. I like the pictures in series for rains and realestate