Saturday, 17 September 2016

What Ganpati Bappa taught us about Thinking Wealthy

What an amazing ten days it was! The entire city was buzzing with a sense of joy and celebration as our favourite God – Ganpati Bappa – paid us his annual visit. There was prayer, music, dancing and happiness everywhere you looked. And although some of us continue to look for the elusive connection between Bappa and Bollywood, we can all agree that nothing can compare to the fantastic energy of Ganehsotsav.

But Bappa is back home now. And until He returns next year, there are lessons that He has left behind for us to learn. Think of it as a kind of Divine Homework. There are no marks for completion or submission; but there are definite rewards!

So here goes. This is what Ganpati Bappa taught us about Thinking Wealthy:

1.       Get your priorities right – We might play ‘jhingaat’ in His honour and think that He enjoys it. But, in point of fact, He is the God of Success, Education, Knowledge and Wisdom. Think like Ganesha – drive a small car if you must, but always live in Heaven! Priorities matter.

So, go for that dream home. Get your investment priorities right. The car is a liability, the home is an asset. What are you prioritising? Remember, Bappa tells us to Think Wealthy.

2.       Think before you act – So, remember that time when Bappa’s parents asked both their kids – Ganpati and Kartik – to set off on a race and circle the world thrice? And remember how Lord Kartik dashed onto his grand peacock and rushed around the world; and Ganpati circled his parents thrice and won the race? Now that is Thinking Wealthy. Winning is about making the right choices, at the right time, when everybody else is dashing about in a mad frenzy.

Bappa did it and won a race. You do it and you could win the entire game that we call Life. Think before you choose your real estate, think before you act on your choice, think smart, invest wise.

3.       Focus on the sweet things – To Him, the modak matters. He comes as a guest and all of us get busy preparing His favourite sweet. That is Thinking Wealthy – focussing on the precious things that you want in your life; then the whole Universe conspires to serve them up to you!

Never compromise. Don’t settle for less. It’s your family, your life, your future. Go for the very best. Because only homes that bring the best quality lifestyle, design and amenities bring you 2 things – the sheer joy of living and incomparable appreciation potential.

4.       Develop big ears – Not biologically, folks; metaphorically. Gather as much information as you can. Knowledge is Power. Be well informed. Be well read. So you can separate the ‘offer / discount’ offerings from the truly valuable ones!

You might be surrounded by real estate offers – zero percent this, and free that and this much off and that much less. But Bappa reminds us to gather important information. Are you missing out on a great opportunity that can create success and wealth for a lifetime just because you are not well informed enough?

5.       Live big – Seen a skinny Bappa? Never! Now, focus on the metaphor here. Go to the gym, stay fit, remain healthy – but LIVE BIG! Your appetite for life and all that it has to offer must be big. You must dream big, you must pursue those dreams. And you must act to make them come true. That is Thinking Wealthy!

If you think sanitary fittings, think Grohe and Toto; if you think UPVC windows, think Komberlink; if you think shopping, think Mixed Use Development; if you think sports, think GCube! You get the drift, right?
Bappa, we miss you already. And we can’t wait to have you back next year. Until then, your lessons live with us. By the time we see you again, we will do what it takes to #ThinkWealthy. Ganpati Bappa Moraya!

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