Saturday, 5 March 2016

Vastu Tips for your Kitchen

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture that is practiced widely to ensure happiness and prosperity. Today, many houses are designed in keeping with the principles of this science. The kitchen of a house is by far the most important part of the house because it is the source of health, sustenance and happiness for the people in the house. 
There are a few tips that can be followed while setting up the kitchen:

1.       The gas stove should be placed in the south-eastern part of the house, to ensure that the person cooking is facing the east.

2.       The sink and taps should be in the north-eastern corner, away from the gas as fire and water are opposing elements. Water flow should be from the south-west to the north-east.

3.       The refrigerator should be kept in facing the south-west, a foot away from the corners. Do not place it facing the north-east of the kitchen.

4.       Place all electronic appliances such as toasters, microwave ovens, etc facing the south-east of the kitchen. Avoid placing these items facing the north-east direction.

5.       Place your water containers like your water filter, bottles, pots, etc facing the north-east direction.

6.       Use vibrant colours in the kitchen, like green, yellow and red.

7.       Do not place your dining table in the centre of the room, instead place it facing the north-west.

8.       The geyser should be installed facing the south-east.

9.       Food items such as grains, rice, dal, etc. should not be kept on the northern or eastern walls, but on the southern and western walls.

10.   Place your dishwasher so that it is facing the north west of the kitchen.

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