Saturday, 27 February 2016

Decorating Entryways 101

It is very easy to forget the entry foyer in the decorating scheme of things. That being said, too often people stuff pieces that don't fit in anywhere else in the entry passage. People forget that it is the first glimpse of their home not just for themselves but for visitors too and everybody knows that the first impression is the best and most lasting impression. It is very simple to beautify your foyer and ensure that it exudes positive energy. Here's how you do it:

1. Do not crowd the foyer and the subsequent passage with too much furniture. Whatever is placed in this space can and should be used, both decoratively and for storage.

2. Use a simple rug with a linear pattern right from the doorstep to give an impression of space and to pretty up the passageway.

3. Use hooks to maximum effect for coats, keys and bags.

4. The racks that are in the hallway can be used to hold potted flowers, plants or small accessories. Potpourri in bowls is a nice way to ensure the entrance is smelling fresh and welcoming!

5. A mirror or two gives the same affect as the linear rug, in the impression of space.

6. Use bright, bold shades in the entryway to create the perfect first impression

7. Make sure that this space is well-lit. A poorly-lit entryway does not look or feel good.

8. Place all furniture to one side, to give a more spacious feel to your foyer.

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