Friday, 1 May 2015

Five ways for smart Home Improvement.

Many a times we do not like the place that we live in and wish to buy a grand new house with the best of facilities and services. But our pockets and bank accounts may not agree. In such times, we can stall the purchase of a new house and instead, declutter the present home and give it a makeover with a few home improvement ideas.
A paint job: Paint can do wonders to a dull looking house. Choose a contrast of colours and try to make sure the wall facing a window is painted in a lighter colour. Light reflects off such walls causing the entire house to look much brighter. This not only brightens your house, but also your spirits.
Flowers: If you have a terrace or even a small balcony, grow a few potted plants and flowers. You can even put your own flowers into vases in different rooms. Multiple places like the dinner table, centre table, book stand or a high stool in the corner of the room can be decorated with flowers. They add colour to the room and make it seem a more cheerful and happy environment which is very welcoming to guests.
Photo-frames: Select one wall in your living room and give it a unique paint texture or wall paper. Hang a few photo-frames or art done yourself or by your kids. Visitors can’t avoid paying attention to something so carefully designed. There are bound to express their appreciation for the extra effort taken to beautifying your home.
Antiques or showpieces: If you love travelling the world and visiting various places, collect souvenirs like clocks, bottles, shells, a French horn, an old vase etc. and showcase them in your home. Put them in a glass case or someplace which is easily noticed. People always turn back for a second glimpse and they make extremely good conversation starters.

Kid’s room: If your kids’ room looks like a mess, it’s time to take a stance and make a change. Give away whatever is old and unused. Choose bold and brighter shades of paint to make the room colourful. Quirky curtains, sheets and pillow cases can bring a smile to anyone who enters the room. It gives the room a playful and childish feel, the way it’s supposed to be.You can create a showcase for your child’s toys and frame any artistic or written work done by them. This makes them take pride in their own room and they take more effort to maintain it. 

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