Tuesday, 5 May 2015

5 reasons why Bavdhan is the hottest selling property in Pune

Pune city has grown majorly over the last decade. The areas which people considered to be on the outskirts of the town have now become an integral part of it.
If you are planning to settle in the city and are looking for a good area to settle down in, Bavdhan is one location that you just cannot miss.

Here are 5 reasons why Bavdhan is the hottest selling property in Pune: 

1. Connectivity: The location has a great advantage of being in the proximity of Baner, Aundh, Kothrud, Pune University, Sus road, NDA and Pashan. Each of these locations can be reached in 10 mins tops.
In addition, Bavdhan is located off Mumbai-Bangalore highway and is the main approach road for Mumbai-Pune highway. Saving the commute time becomes very easy when you are so well placed in town.

2. Scenic beauty: Waking up to see the greenery around you, taking an evening walk in the fresh air and enjoying the monsoons in the best way possible is something that Bavdhan offers the best.
Being planked from the hills on three sides, the location offers a splendid combination of serenity of nature and ease of every necessary amenity.

3. Huge growth potential: From families settled in Kothrud looking to buy bigger spaces, to IT professionals working in Hinjewadi IT park, the crowd finds Bavdhan an optimum location for all their needs. The prices now are affordable for them and because of the many benefits that this location offers, their investment starts to pay off in a few years itself.

4. Great entertainment: The crowd has shifted from Koregaon Park to the open spaces in Bavdhan. Nobody wants to sit inside a tiny cafĂ© and stare at the traffic when they could be looking at the hills while having their coffee. Bavdhan has some great eating joints, you can fish in the lake or take a long drive when it pleases you. From story telling sessions to live music, there is a lot that this part of the city can offer you.

5. Space: Who doesn’t like stretching a little more, having that space to breathe, to cycle early in the morning, to fly kites and watch it rise up in the clear sky. Reaching work without having to fight the chaotic traffic and planting a terrace garden just to have some greenery in your house.

And that’s exactly what Bavdhan offers you, a chance to unfold yourself, to live beyond that few square feet of space you have been constricting yourself to getting more from life.

Visit Bavdhan to believe what we tell you. Have a look at our projects, share your experience, let’s get talking!
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