Sunday, 15 November 2015

Why is it always a good idea to invest in real estate?

The global market is an unstable investment when compared to the stability of investing in real estate. Despite the ebb and flow of the market, real estate is always a good place to put your money. There are various factors that justify this statement.

1.     It is a time of discounts and great offers in real estate and home loans as well! It is the time to invest, especially since it is currently a buyer’s market.

2.     The stability of the real estate market has been long established. Both the share and equity market fluctuate many times within a day and can wipe out your life savings in an hour. The prices in the real estate market change slowly and over a period of time. Even if the value decreases, it is over a long period of time, which makes it a better investment overall in the long run.

3.     The development in Pune and the plans to build a metro automatically make the real estate market more lucrative. While the city is still developing and growing, it is the perfect time to invest.

4.     In Pune specifically, there is always demand for homes on rent. Investing in a second property is sure to reap rich rewards because of the influx of students and IT professionals.

5.     The home loan interest rates have gone down and continue to get better. With options like EMI in home loans, getting that dream home is that much easier.

6.     Unlike other markets, the real estate market moves in a cycle. It is far more predictable without requiring the amount of attention that the stock market requires. An investment in the real estate market, no matter where in the cycle it is at then, will bring good returns in the long run.

7.     The real estate market has a tangible, physical aspect that is not possible with most other markets. One can live in it or rent it out, but it can be touched. It has a physical presence.

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