Saturday, 17 October 2015

What to avoid while Decorating

All of us have our idea of the perfect home. The perfect colours, the perfect  furniture and the perfect interiors. It is important while planning your home to remember what to avoid doing.

1. Do not buy furnishings before deciding on the colour of your house. Only start with the interiors after the painting has been complete because the colour in a catalog and the actual colour might have a slight difference in shade. Avoid a disaster by waiting.

2. If you have already got furniture that does not match, invest in cushion covers to keep the aesthetic.

3. Under all circumstances, avoid clutter. If you are not a fan of the minimalistic way of decorating, make sure all your knick knacks are very well arranged and looked after.

4. Instead of putting too many photo frames on your mantel or cupboard, make a gallery wall. It looks more organized.
Do not leave unused cable lying around. You can fix tubing to hide cables while in use.

5.Decorate your rooms with the same theme. Avoid mixing and matching themes that do not go well together.

6.Avoid making rooms too formal. The goal is to be warm and inviting, yet classy and stylish.

7. Do not decorate bedrooms in the same colour throughout. Mix and match to create the perfect combinations.

8. Avoid furniture that is too large or too many pieces of furniture. You don’t want your house to look over crowded. Instead, find the right size and the right number.

9. Be careful with the patterns you get while furnishing. Too many patterns are an eyesore. 

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