Saturday, 18 July 2015

How to create an Eco-Friendly Home

It has come to a point where every action needs to be thought out carefully in terms of the environment. This transcends into the construction, designing, decoration and appliance usage within your homes. It is important to know how to go about creating an eco- friendly home.
·        When purchasing an appliance, always make sure of its efficiency so that no energy is wasted. Do not take too long to replace an old appliance.
·        Use incandescent bulbs and LED tube lights to increase efficiency, stop energy wastage and ensure long life.
·        Set up solar panels for all your heating needs.
·        Turn off computers, fans and lights when not in use, to save electricity.
·        Use non toxic eco-friendly paint within your homes to prevent lung problems and other disorders.
·        Replace all the taps and shower heads with high pressure, low flow faucets and close all them properly when not in use to ensure water conservation.
·        Put potted plants on your balcony and at specific points within the house to keep the air fresh.
·        Use natural products such as linen, bamboo and cotton in your household.
·        Separate your inorganic and organic waste. Create a composting zone to make your own fertilizer using organic waste.
·         Use biodegradable cleaning and polishing agents to maintain your home.

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