Saturday, 20 June 2015

Easy Ways To Decorate Your Home

The interior of your house says a lot about you. But as we get busier, it gets increasingly tougher to set aside time for home improvement. But giving your house the makeover you have always wanted to does not necessarily involve a big budget or complicated skills. Here are some easy tips to spruce up your apartment that wont put a dent in your savings.

  • Highlighting just one element can also change the entire look of your room. Paint one wall a bright colour that complements your colour scheme. Invite your family over and make a day out of it!
  • Placing a string of lights, candles or lamps around a bed gives the room a lovely, warm feel.
  • Photos are a great decorating tool. Make a memory wall by hanging up strings of twinkly lights interspaced with all your favourite photos.
  • Another way to use photos to decorate is to paste them in the shape of a heart instead of hanging up separate photo frames.
  • Using old glass containers to grow tiny plants or as flower vases give your house a rustic, homey feel.
  • The mango season is gone, but the wooden boxes they come in still remain. Hammer a few nails in to attach two of them together and place them against a wall to make a quirky book or shoe rack. 
  • Colourful cushions or throws in funky prints are a great way to add colour to your rooms without having to undertake a painting expedition.
  • Throw away those air fresheners! Setting out bowls of potpourri is a safe, natural way to keep your home looking great and smelling fresh.
  • Frame your children's drawings and paintings to create unique photo frames.

Remember, using your personal creativity will make your house look more special than any fancy interior decorator ever will! What are your favourite house decorating tips? Tell us in the comments!

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