Saturday, 18 November 2017

Goel Ganga for a Green Pune!

Apart from creating beautiful homes for the people of our country, we at the Goel Ganga Group also believe in giving them and their families lively, healthy and green localities! 

We have always been committed to creating a greener and healthier Pune, and as our part, we had made sure to make our project sites and completed projects highly welcoming, refreshing green spaces by planting a lot of lush green plants and trees. 

Here are a few examples of how our projects reflect out vision for a green Pune.

Ganga Glitz - our project in Undri is truly a delight to visit!

GCube, Undri's ONLY Family Fitness Centre at our project Ganga Glitz boasts of lots of green spaces. Here people can have a healthy workout session while the elderly relax at the acupressure arena taking in the fresh air with the idea of visiting again tomorrow!




The freshly manicured green lawn in front of GCube is a favourite amongst everyone, as it's a great place for children and adults alike to spend some quality time with nature, and each other!

Ganga Glitz during the monsoons - beautiful and serene!

The lovely green cover here looks even better during festivities, when multicoloured lights filter in through the thick foliage! Don't believe us? Take a look at the photo above - Ganga Glitz during Navratri. Breath-taking, isn't it?

Ganga Dham Towers - our newest upcoming project in Market Yard is another example of how we  create healthy luxurious living spaces!


The entrance welcomes you with bright colored flowers looking right at you with a shadow of beautiful healthy green plants!



Ganga Dham Towers's sales office entices you in with its welcoming nature. The photograph shows you everything. Can this be any prettier?

How beautiful it would be to take a morning stroll bare foot on this thick green carpet!

Ganga Dham towers is a treat to the eyes with its green scenic tone, which makes its beauty stand out! 

Ganga Satellite - our oldest project in Wanowrie is the most beautiful one ever made! It is one of those projects that astonishes you with its greenery. As there are lot many trees and green spaces; Ganga Satellite is remembered by all its visitors.

In order to provide ease to our residents we took to making a vermi-culture pit along with rain water harvesting on the World Environment Day!

Continuing the Green Pune Campaign - an effort to turn Pune into a green city, Goel Ganga Foundation donated 2500 plants to the Major Dhyanchand Kridaangan in Wanowrie. 

We at the Goel Ganga Group consider giving back to the society by building healthy and lush green localities with the needed amenities for our customers!

It is absolutely Pure Delight!

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