Thursday, 5 May 2016

Pune - An emerging metro and a culture of High Rise Living

Taking Pune to new Heights

The Manhattan skyline is perhaps the most iconic skyline in the world. Every cultural change, every economical change, every social change is expressed in the soaring stature of New York City’s skyline. There are more beautiful, well-designed, well-thought-of, gorgeous buildings in New York than ever before. And that is like a barometer reading of what is going on in the rest of the world.
At home, in Pune too, the skyline is beginning to change. For the better. What was once a landscape of low, squat structures; is now opening up to the possibilities of soaring elegance and grace. And the people of Pune are loving every new step being taken by the city to reach new heights.  
Technically, any building whose height is between 35 metres and 100 metres is known as a high rise building. High-rise buildings are environmental friendly, and not merely for the green space they allow. Systems like, water, heat, cooling, waste disposal, trash etc., are all more efficient when they are being managed in a smaller area. With the rapid growth of population in urban communities, increasing pressure on availability of land, expensive land prices, and the high cost of setting up infrastructure in new cities, high-rise buildings are the way to go for fast growing cities like Pune.

And then there is the sheer human factor – the ancient desire to touch the sky, to soar towards the stars, to rise above the ordinary. Rapid strides have been made in the technology used for high-rise structures. With excellent innovations in structural systems, it is now easier than ever before to deliver aesthetically pleasing, cost efficient, energy efficient, high-rise buildings... all in record time.

What this means for the buyer is that there is now the opportunity to live the life of his / her dreams in the city of his choice, inside of his / her budget!
With stringent regulations now applicable to the construction of high-rise buildings, occupants get the benefit of living in a space that conforms to eco-friendly design standards. All high-rise buildings offer residents use of renewable energies, use of eco-friendly construction materials, water rationalization inside the building, improved air quality inside the building, proper lighting inside the building, excellent acoustic design, advanced building security and environmentally compatible architectural style.
At the Goel Ganga Group, we are at the forefront of creating this revolution in Pune’s skyline and offering the residents of Pune the opportunity to live a truly global life. The global trend is that high-rise buildings are situated in prime locations. And that is what we offer to Pune – world-class living in high-rise buildings that are a reflection of their aspirations, ambitions and stature.
Our locations are such that they give residents walking access to great restaurants, multiplexes, shopping destinations, public transportation and possibly their place of employment. Pune is fast emerging as a future-ready city. And its citizens are all set to be future ready too. All that is missing is a place for these high-flying citizens to call home. But with us leading the change, that too is changing. Fast.

Pune’s time to reach new heights has arrived. And we at the Goel Ganga Group welcome you to its most powerful symbol of change – life in High-Rise style!

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