Saturday, 7 November 2015

Tips for an Eco-friendly Diwali

The festival of lights is around the corner. Every year, the celebration of this festival is done without thinking of the negative effects on the environment and animals. From the pollution from crackers to the overuse of plastic, there are various practices that cause adverse harm to the environment. It is important that we remember while celebrating the festival to think of the environment and protect it by various small practices and differences in what we usually do.

1.     Stick to simple earthen oil diyas with no lead based paint on them. Avoid candles as they waste a lot of energy and affect air quality.

2.     Switch off electric lights whenever possible to save energy.

3.     Make your rangolis with natural products such as rice flour, turmeric, coffee powder, kumkum, flowers and eco-friendly colours.

4.     Re-use cardboard boxes and bags instead of buying more of the same and causing more litter.

5.     Buy eco-friendly gifts such as bags made of jute, clothes made of natural products, etc.

6.     Avoid using (plastic) wrapping paper and use newspaper and other such materials that are eco-friendly.

7.     Avoid bursting crackers to prevent air and noise pollution. The pollution causes asthma, headaches and other such health problems. Animals in the vicinity are also traumatized by the sound and affected by the air pollution. 

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