Friday, 28 August 2015

Organize Your kitchen!

In every home, the kitchen is the one room that has to store many commodities from a fridge and microwave oven to utensils and most importantly food items. If not managed properly, it is very easy for a kitchen to become messy and disorganized. This post lists various ideas and methods by which you can make your kitchen more spacious:
1.     Store all your baking items inside your oven. It reduces the space required for these items and also makes things easy to find.
2.     Get cupboards fixed above your counters as well as below. Fill up the wall space with double door cupboards. This increases your storage space by a large amount.
3.     If you don’t want too many cupboards, then make up for it with shelves. You can even make shelves within the shelves and cupboards to better organize your kitchen.
4.     Get hooks installed by the sink for all your towels and by the racks for your spoons, strainers and other such utensils.
5.     Organize the spices in your kitchen by your style of cooking. It makes things easier to find and keeps things uncluttered.
6.     Store large pots and pans on top of cupboards, especially when you use them rarely. This will give you more cupboard space for your other utensils and kitchenware.
7.     Clean as soon as you can and as you go. If you wash up as soon as you use a utensil, it makes things a whole lot easier.

8.     Organize items by purpose and frequency of us. This makes cooking and cleaning up that much easier.

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