Saturday, 25 July 2015

Protect Your House From The Rain

The monsoons bring beauty and greenery into the landscape. The weather is comfortable and relaxing. But the rains can prove to be a constant source of problems for your home. To protect yourself from these common troubles, take the following precautions:
1.     Get your roof checked for leaks and cracks to prevent seepage that will ruin not just the walls, but the furniture and other items in your house as well.
2.     Check your walls and ceiling for cracks and make sure they’ve been repaired and waterproofed to prevent water from entering and causing dampness.
3.     Clear and clean all pipes, gutters, and spouts of dead branches and leaves to prevent stagnancy of water and ensure free flow.
4.     Before the start of the rains, make sure that all electrical wiring and equipment is protected from water, to prevent short circuits from occurring.
5.     Ensure that all metal joints, doors and windows are painted with waterproof paint to prevent rusting.
6.     Get your exterior walls painted with waterproof paint as well, to protect the walls. A water sealant should also be used for added protection.
7.     If your wooden doors swell due to the rains, take them out, tighten the hinges and fix them back only after varnishing.

8.     Wax or polish your wooden furniture to prevent swelling and to protect your furnishings from water.

Following these eight simple steps will ensure that your home is safe from the brunt of the monsoons.

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