Friday, 29 May 2015

How Location Influences Real Estate Investment

Investing or buying real estate is not an easy task. There are numerous factors to keep in mind while trying to decide an ideal place to buy real estate. Price is obviously the number one factor but the next in line is- ‘Location’. Location is an extremely important determinant in choosing real estate.  Not just the neighbourhood but the services and amenities that would be available should also receive due consideration. These are the components that give true satisfaction once you are a resident of a particular area.

Educational facilities: Education is usually a big worry to parents and the moment they find a good school or college for their kids, it’s a big burden off their shoulders. Search for an area with renowned educational institutions that would guarantee your child a good education.

Community centre: Man is a social animal. Living in a society or complex, calls for a community centre where the residents can socialize or celebrate during festivals and events. 

Public transport: This is of prime importance especially when everyone is running around trying to get to their place of work on time. A plot which is close to the railway station or a bus stop is essential. An airport in your vicinity would be a plus point.

Health care facilities: Health is one of the most vital factors in today’s world. Clinics, hospitals and medical stores are indispensable and it would prove to be a boon if it were just around the corner.

Recreational facilities: We all long for a little peace and quiet away from our fast-paced world. After a long day at work, or an unpleasant day at school, a garden or park would be an ideal place to relax and take a break. Elderly people also enjoy passing their time at such places.

Restaurants/ Cafes: We all like hanging out with our friends at our favourite eateries and foodies love to gorge on their much-loved delicacies. A plot surrounded by restaurants and food joints makes the place even more desirable.

Proximity to city/ job: Travelling a long distance to your place of work daily can take a toll on you. Choose an area that is close to the city or your place of work is an additional blessing.

Local services: Facilities like groceries, shopping malls, police station or dentist may sometimes be taken for granted but it is better to cross-check and make sure that these services are easily available to you.

Sports facilities: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Look out for an estate with sports facilities like a tennis court, a football field or a swimming pool. A fully- furnished gym would be a bonus for all those who like to work-out or for those waiting to get into shape.

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